Serge Baranovsky
Software Development Management | Technology Advisor


"Expertise" and "Passion" are the two words most commonly used by people to describe me.

I'm a senior technology executive with a 20-year history of success building software products ranging from Enterprise software to startups.

I help businesses to perfect development process, build effective teams, and deliver great software products, period. I have proven track record of implementing ideas into successful software products resource efficiently.

Select areas of expertise include:
     ✔  Software Design, Planning, and Strategy
     ✔  Software Implementation and Process Customization
     ✔  Development Environment Streamlining and Efficiency
     ✔  Team Leadership, Team-Building and Development
     ✔  Staff Hiring and Cloud Staffing
     ✔  Healthcare IT Expertise and Clinical Terminology, HIPAA Compliance
     ✔  Software Development Outsourcing and Offshoring

Industry experience spans Enterprise Solutions, Healthcare Software, Mobile Applications, Telecommunication/Wireless, Cloud/SaaS, Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Systems Integration

An avid networker, open to all relevant conversations at


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An avid networker, I'm open to all relevant conversations at or using the form below.